crudo nudo Offers Weekly Cash Donation-Based Meal to Support Community During Coronavirus Pandemic
Community members who are out of work, in need of a meal or looking for ways to support the restaurant industry are invited to “pay what you can” for donation-based meal.

While everyone is being affected by the coronavirus epidemic, the service industry is experiencing one of the biggest blows. crudo nudo believes in its social responsibility to the community and, therefore, is starting to offer a weekly donation-based meal for anyone in the community who is out of work, in need of a meal or is looking for ways to support the restaurant industry. On Saturday, March 21st from 6:00 p.m. till 8:30 p.m., people can stop by to pick up a boxed dinner that includes baked pasta, salad and a cookie. The restaurant is located at 727 West 21st St. in Norfolk.


“No one is taking care of the restaurant community and so I feel we need to step up and take action,” says crudo nudo chef and owner Eric Nelson. “We would like to see that everyone has an opportunity to have a hot meal once a day. This weekly event allows for people within the community to either partake in the meal, if needed, or donate to the employees affected by the lack of business hours. All proceeds collected will be given directly to my staff who are otherwise missing out on regular funds. Tipped employees are hit the hardest during this time, so I encourage folks to tip accordingly and render cash payment.”


“We will continue to cook a free meal every Saturday till all this craziness settles. We also encourage other restaurants in the area to pick another day to cook a meal and use the donation money to help their staff.” Nelson has already recruited 80/20 Burger Bar who has committed to the donation meal on Mondays.


To order take-out or purchase a gift card from crudo nudo, call 757.351.6080. For more information on how you can help restaurant workers, click here


crudo nudo is located at 727 West 21st St., Norfolk VA 23517.

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727 West 21st St. Norfolk VA 23517    757.351.6080